The Sunshine State..

..Florida, the home of Miami Heat, is called the ‘sunshine state’..While i was still in the Philippines, the place where i grew up has a warm weather too. When i landed in California airport the first time, my family and I were covered with multiple thick sweaters in order to stay warm at the first  thought of cold weather and snow which were seen in the movies back in the Philippines.  The moment we landed at Miami International Airport on September 2011 for a connecting flight, I am glad that the temperature is similar to the place where i came from. The temperature in the US is popularly used by people in terms of fahrenheit and so i have to convert all the time to centigrade just to be familiar with the level of warmth or coolness of the place.  The temperature in Miami Airport was 80F that time, that was similar to the room temperature in Davao City Airport during our departure. I was amazed and at the same time very thankful that Miami-Dade County do not have winter or call it snow all year round even though the truth is I really wanted to hold snowballs in my hands since i was a kid.

Hope to share with you all God’s creation and all the beautiful things in life here in Florida.

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