..i got $1 aquafresh coupon hanging at the shelf while at the other store two months ago and i just kept it in my bag.. since these are manufacturer’s coupon, i can use it at any stores..on the 3rd week of august 2012, publix marked this item in their store at $1 it’s all free.. insert in the newspaper on July 29, 2012 have a $1 coupon when you buy 3 rose art products. this week most of the items in target supermarket mostly priced between .25 to .50 cents each. i got all these crayola etc for free plus an overage to pay for my cheetos and banana (forgot to include in the


..i received $1 coupon from cvs machine in june 2012 for any nivea products. this nivea in tin can is .99cents, so i got all of these free..
..i got free gas cards at cvs after buying qualifying items posted at the store weekly ad. the amount of $10 automatically prints at the bottom of the receipt and the cashier will scan the value in the card. many thanks cvs..

..i got these free groceries at publix on July 30, 2012

..i got these free chocolates at cvs on july 28, 2012. i used all the $1 cvs machine coupon when you buy 2 any mars chocolates. then for the cadburry, i used the buy1 get1 cvs coupon plus the promo for the week is buy2 get1. i have a 20% discount sent to my email and i used my free $3 gift coupon sent also to my email from it’s all free..thanks..


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