South Florida (where we live now) has a tropical climate similar to our place in the Philippines while the North and Central Florida is humid sub-tropical.

Rainy or Hurricane Season (June -September)


The earth has an uneven heat during summer mostly experience at the Atlantic basin which usually form into a storm or tropical storm at 50 mph to 60 mph. When this storm reaches 70 mph or more, it is called as hurricane by the forecasters.

While in Florida, the term ‘hurricane’ can be seen in most newspapers, coupon inserts and other free publications all throughout the year.  People are constantly informed how to prepare one’s household especially during the hurricane season which starts from June to September every year.  One example is the free ‘Hurricane Preparedness Kit’ publication available at Publix stores.  It was on August 24, 1992 which hurricane ‘Andrew’ devastated much the city of Coral Gables as being told by the local residents here in Miami-Dade county.  When we arrived in this city in 2011, there were still affected areas that were visible because of the recent catastrophe.  I once asked a worker along the street what is he doing up there in the ladder inclined to a palm tree and why he was nailing braces at each tree all around.  I was then answered that it would help not to uproot the trees easily in cases of hurricane.

How dangerous ‘hurricanes’ are?..The answer is very dangerous. My neighbors can attest to it back in 1992.  When the eye of hurricane ‘Andrew’ hit Miami-Dade County, an area with almost 3 miles in radius became flattened including trees and the “not hurricane- proof ” buildings.  It made me decide to prepare my emergency kit as soon as the hurricane season started on June 1, 2012.

Now, another threat to Florida on August 22-27 , 2012 is the tropical typhoon Isaac in the Carribean which is heading towards South Florida in the weekend and may take a landfall as hurricane according to the US forecasters.

Tropical storm ‘Isaac’ passed through Carribean island last Wednesday according to my friend Johannes who currently work as nurse in the hospital of Saba in the Carribean Island. She sent a message in my facebook that it rained very hard and there was power failure during the day but immediately restored at night time. Right now, as of August 25, 2012, the storm passes through Cuba, Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic and may pose a threat of landfall in the following areas: South Florida, Gulf of Mexico, Alabama and Mississippi.

August 26, 2012, Sunday, i woke up today at 7:00 am.  I looked at the window and the weather outside was calm but gloomy.  At 8:30 am, a strong wind outside made the trees sway a lot with much rain now, after 5 minutes it stopped.  Another gust wind with rain came again at 9:20 am then stopped.

I decided to cook Philippine ‘chicken and pork adobo’ earlier, this type of food do not easily spoil and was said to last for 3 days or more.  I thought this might save us for 72 hours in case of power failure.  People in the US uses electricity to cook their food, our home here were designed that way too.

My family also bought ready to eat bread at Publix last night in case we would run out of rice or we could not cook because of power outage.  This is a good alternative for carbohydrates.  We got eggs &  boxes of cereals too.

At 10:30 am, here comes the rain again.  The weather channel said, this rain would last for 30 minutes.  Amazed with the present technology,  we’re in constant monitoring with the weather updates and information.  When the tv news say, it would rain in 5 minutes, the rain would really come..huh!  My great grandfather did not have the chance to live like this.  But now, forecasters can calculate how much rainwater to expect, time and duration of rain including the speed of the wind.  This is real time monitoring.  My family might not be able to attend the Sunday Mass today because of the weather situation right now, nevertheless, we’ll try.

At 3:00PM, the hurricane eye will pass through Key West located at the tip of Florida but somewhat shifted its path towards the Gulf of Mexico or perhaps parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. But still, a warning on tornado watch until 5:00 PM was issued for Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

At 7:00 PM, there were still heavy rains outside.  Hurricane Isaac is about to leave our place but strong wind can still be felt and still dangerous to even walk or drive a car on the street of Coral Gables.

August 27, 2012, Monday, the rain has not yet stopped. There is no school today and i was not able to bring my kid in his class. Hurricane Isaac left 8,500 homes without electricity in Miami-Dade County, 4,000 homes in Broward County and 500 cancelled flights at Miami International Airport.

At 1:00 PM. still the gusty wind can be felt outside with heavy rain but few cars are coming out slowly now.  After an hour, we drove our car too going to cvs pharmacy to pick up some freebies in the store and used my expiring coupons. So, this is it! Our first year with the hurricane season while in Florida.

Dry Season (October to May)

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