English is the official language of Florida.  Generally, residents speak English at home as the first language but because of Spanish occupation in the 16th century, many immigrants and settlers today especially in the Miami-Dade area speaks Spanish and is widely taught as the second language. The number of spanish speaking population in the area is higher among the workforce presently employed in the supermarkets, restaurants, parks and malls.  They are the cashiers, representatives, bartenders, store associates and other frontline service workers.  Most of them came from Spanish speaking countries like Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Cuba, Bolivia, Columbia and other nearby countries along the Caribbean Island nearest to the State of Florida.  There are also employers of businesses and institutions who prefer to hire bilingual applicants because of the wide population of people who speaks Spanish in the area.

Florida’s capital is Tallahassee and the largest city is Jacksonville but the largest Metropolitan Area is Miami.  The 75% of the total population speaks English while 25% speaks Spanish and these quarter percentage of people mostly settled and can be found in the Miami-Dade County.

There are also famous spanish foods served in the restaurants like paella, chicken saltado, garbanzos con chorizos and many more.  It is easy for me to like these foods because of the similarity with Filipino delicacies and the way it is being cooked.  It’s easy also to find cheaper and affordable spanish foods here in Florida as low as $5 per serving.  One taco buritos at Taco Bell is only .99 cents (mexican-spanish) and one chicken meal with rice is $6 at Pollo Tropical.

The following are some of the the spanish words i learned :

calabasa – “squash”

ola! – “hello”

buenos dias – “good morning”

buenas tardes – “good afternoon”

amarillo – “yellow”

niño – “kid”

vaso de leche – “glass of milk”

pollo – “chicken”

trabajo – “job”

guapo – “handsome”

hermosa chica – “beautiful girl”

preguntas dela vida – “questions in life”

Spending enough time with people who speaks this language will help someone learn easier and faster.  Joining any conversation among these people or friends in the park or school would be a perfect avenue for learning and understanding.

Miami-Dade College

Inside the government school campus where i attended, almost all the students i met are speaking English but seem to be coming from different nationalities around the world.  I am taking up Property Management Course at the Inter-American Campus of Miami-Dade College and English is the mode of instruction.  The working personnel and staffs in the Administrative building of the school where i first entered and got information on September were speaking English also.  I did not find a hard time in my request to change my incorrect full name into the system’s database.

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