Preguntas dela Vida








1. rainbow – colors reflected by light in the water droplets in the atmosphere

2. agerasia – the state of looking younger than the actual

3. butterfly – typically colorful nectar-feeding insect

4. innocence – a virtue of being innocent

5. pretty – attractive in a delicate way without being beautiful

6. baby – newly or recently born

7. green – the color between blue and yellow in the spectrum

8. flower- seed-bearing part of a plant consisting of reproductive organs

9. river – natural stream of water flowing going to a sea, lake or another stream

10. friends – a bond of mutual affection

11. beautiful – pleasing to the senses or mind

12. love – intense feeling of deep affection

13. snowballs – a ball of packed snow

14. happy – showing satisfaction or contentment

15. “I have never seen a smiling face that was not nice and beautiful”

16. “Honesty is the best policy”

17. “The most beautiful thing in life is the one i will share with you”

18. “We did the hop together”



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