Hello everyone, My name is Reindeer, i just love to be called by my name ‘Reindeer’, that’s it.. Feel free to roam around here as i don’t have the widget to monitor all your movements. I often upload pictures around everytime i got bored especially during hurricane season in Florida where i usually got myself stuck at home.  While my family loves to be here, I know that we’ll not be able to stay longer for we always look forward to be back soon in our country, the Philippines.  That’s why i will share things and ideas that somehow might help you soon in your visit to this place.

Welcome everyone to the Sunshine State of the USA.. In this side of the world, i thought of keeping things here silently in my closet. My family had moved here in Coral Gables City located in Miami-Dade County in September 2011. This place has been named the “tree city” for 26 consecutive years. The community is a well-planned surroundings with preserved grown trees everywhere as old as my grandfather which i love most for growing kids. It is also known as pedestrian friendly city. Why? Because people who are crossing the streets are given much priority by the car owners themselves. In the major streets of the city where there are traffic lights, people can only cross when the light is green. But on the streets other than the busy and main streets, people are to cross on the other side first than cars and vehicles.

Lovely photos posted here are my collections with gratefulness from our Creator taken with my camera that was bought as a gift to me in June 2012.  Sometimes I tried not to have more talks here because i often run out of words, just plain photos of joy and happiness and for the love of photography (hmmmfff..really?). I personally enjoy looking at the colorful and beautiful creations in this world than describing what it is. Just like in the song “a picture paints a thousand words” then i think i’d rather remain silent at times because beauty itself cannot be accurately described but rather may be felt more by the person looking at it.

11 Responses to About

  1. Nice post on WhileinFlorida.. | ..the world is beautiful and colorful..! Check mine out too when you have time 🙂

  2. beau says:

    nice nice, yeah the world is beautiful..

  3. vev says:

    good, you’re right

  4. morpheus sacro says:

    hmnnnnnnnnnnnmmmm..nice bonn…..many years di tayo ngkita but seem…bonna is bonna faye pa rin….simple…yet great…..ingat and God bless sa family mo…friends..forever..

  5. emmanuel Tingzon Ausin says:

    Bona, nmi man gid. Dupihi lng nga pang picture kag ipost dri s FB kay tan awon nmon ang mga manami nga view dra s Miami. Nagkitaay n kmo dra ni Jean Gauran ?? Ara n sya dra galing daw s New Jersey sya. God Bless….

  6. jid says:

    Wow nicely done!

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